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A celebration of Fauré and Bizet from Jean-Luc Tingaud and the NSO

"Tingaud made the NSO fizz with energy"



Yet many of the honours go to Tingaud, who has always impressed me in the theatre, his tempi and shaping of the score being ideal, while he obtains very neat and detailed playing from his musicians.

- David Denton


As I have come to expect, the French conductor, Jean-Luc Tingaud, has breathed more life into the music few others could bring about, and galvanises the already excellent Royal Scottish National to new levels of excellence.

David Denton


David Hurwitz -, June 2018


In the opera house and concert hall, the conductor, Jean-Luc Tingaud, has impressed me as one of the most rewarding interpreters of French music, and he has obtained some of the finest playing I have heard from the Royal Scottish National.

David Denton


…this disc offers delights aplenty, not least thanks to Jean-Luc Tingaud’s stylish and alert conducting. Everything is in place, nothing is rushed, even at the fastest tempo, and nothing drags at the slowest; © 2015 BBC Music Magazine

Roger Nichols - BBC Music Magazine, May 2015


Tingaud is an exceptionally buoyant yet exacting conductor. Rhythms are absolutely spot on… That’s something that so many conductors are so often careless with and why so many recordings lack the snap or alertness or upbeat clarity that Tingaud has here. © 2015 American Record Guide

Gil French - American Record Guide, July 2015


This is a phenomenal performance of Dukas’s score by Jean-Luc Tingaud and Ireland’s RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. The shimmering effect in the strings in the opening bars is magical, the woodwinds and brass add just the right amounts of piquancy and pique, and the mounting tension is ratcheted up with an ear towards creating an atmosphere of maximum desperation and panic—superbly well done. Here we have…a French conductor with a non-French orchestra, and they easily win my affection

Jerry Dubins - Fanfare, March 2015


As familiar as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice may be, the score merits rehearing because of Tingaud’s masterful treatment. Details emerge in various places, with the woodwind textures particularly clear, and the brass prominent without being domineering. The rich string sound that Tingaud achieves supports the textures throughout and demonstrates effective nuances in tempo and dynamics. Tingaud is compelling for its careful attention to detail, rather than the broad strokes applied by some conductors. The drama implicit in this score emerges vividly. The fine playing of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra is supported well by admirable engineering. Those who are unfamiliar with Tingaud’s work will find an outstanding introduction to it in this disc: a major new conductor.

James L. Zychowicz - MusicWeb International, March 2015


Tingaud’s performance of La Péri would sweep the field… And his Sorcerer’s Apprentice need not apologize to anyone…the music comes across beautifully, with Szell-like articulation.

Steven Kruger - Fanfare, March 2015

« The conductor Jean-Luc Tingaud most ressembles is Paul Paray, swiftly, clear, net, precise but exciting and emotionally on point. This guy is the real deal in French Repertoire » « He recorded the best version of Les Biches that has ever been done, a dream come true. This is the Poulenc disc to own, unbelieveably fabulous disc, amazing performances »

David Hurwitz


The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra take all this in their stride, especially the lengthy and attractive ballet music, with Jean-Luc Tingaud an idiomatic and perfectly attuned guide.

Clive Paget - Limelight, August 2020


Leading the forces, Jean Luc Tingaud sets a lively pace that makes the three hour opera seem to pass quickly. In stirring passages such as the hair raising Act 2 finale, he whips them into a frenzy without ever descending into brashness or bombast.

Allan Altman - American Record Guide, September 2020